1.2 kW Photovoltaic system in Falls Brook Centre

Solar panels

The Centre utilizes many forms of solar energy. The main PV systems are: 520 W Shell Solar, 450 W and 200 W ARCO solar systems. The 520-W Shell Solar system is part of a net metered system, the first in New Brunswick, which helps offset the Centre’s electricity use.

  • The 450 W and 200 W ARCO systems are both off-grid. One 20 W solar panel was constructed by the Barefoot College in India and was donated and installed in 1993, making it likely the first installed PV panel in New Brunswick.
  • For solar thermal systems, the three main forms are used: evacuated tubes (with single water tank), flat plate collector (with parallel tanks), and passive solar (with no tank, gravity fed). Most of these systems were installed by staff at Falls Brook or as part of a demonstration/workshop.
Evacuated tube

Installation time

Most systems took a weekend to install. All of the installations have been working fine since installation.

Installation date

The systems have been installed at various times over the last 15 years. The latest system to be installed was the evacuated tube hot water system, in 2008.

Falls Brook Centre has a number of differently configured systems, including off-grid, PV, PV/wind hybrid, net-metering, and solar hot water.

Solar panels

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