Geothermal in Wood Point

The homeowners installed a Nordic Geothermal heat pump in 2008.

Their system is unique because they had to have duct work installed as well as the system. This raised the cost and meant more infrastructure changes to the house.The system is a 2.7 t (3 tons) geothermal heat pump that heats the house in the winter and cools it in the summer, de-humidifies the house, and pre-heats the hot water for the home.

There is an electric element for back-up heat that they use on occasion. The owners are expecting to recover their costs in less than ten years (from time of installation).The owners suggest that anyone thinking of geothermal should do extensive research on manufacturers and installers and make sure the installer is certified.

One should also plan ahead for the post installation costs and efforts. The owners had significant landscaping work that had to be done about one year after the installation. Once the soil settled, the trenches were about a foot deep and this had to be filled with topsoil.