Solar Hot Water, Photovoltaic & 400W Wind Turbine in Sackville

Wind TurbineThe owners  installed a domestic solar hot water system in 2007 and added three different sizes of photovoltaic panels and a 400 W wind turbine to generate electricity.

The owners have two 4×8′ solar hot water panels connected to a heat exchanger and water storage tank, which is linked to the regular hot water tank.

To help offset their electricity use, they have one 60W PV panel, one 80W PV panel and one 120W PV panel.

They also installed a 400W wind turbine on top of their garage to help generate some of the electricity they require. Their renewable system includes controls, one inverter supplying 110V AC (alternating current) and the power storage, which consists of eight 6V deep-cycle batteries.

Their system is used primarily to off set some of their electrical costs and as a back up power source should the power go out. The owner plans to up grade but is in no hurry, as he knows the technology will improve and become more affordable.

Solar thermal panels, Hot water tanks, Power controls and Batteries