Wood Stove Heating & Hot Water in Bocabec

mariaraicca2-12-10-006This house provides excellent examples of energy efficiency implementation.

  • There are no windows on the North side of the house to reduce heat loss.
  • The cold room is on the North side to keep it cool. It has an energy efficient refrigerator.
  • The owners have an on-demand hot water system instead of a hot water tank system. They also have hot water supplied by their stove for back-up.
  • Natural ventilation keeps the house cool in the summer, while passive solar (from a greenhouse and large southern windows) provides most of the heat in the winter.
  • A wood stove provides back-up heating.
  • There is an electric heater in place for occasions when the owners are absent for extended periods.


A composting toilet is used to reduce water use. The compost can be used for landscaping. The owners have to clean it out once a year, taking about an hour. They use the compost in their flower beds.

So far the highest energy bill was $60 but is usually around $30.

In addition, their garden and greenhouse supply all of their vegetables for the year.


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