Wood Stove Heating & Hot Water in Lower Kintore

Wood Stove

Wood Stove

This Pioneer stove, equipped with the capability for hot water heating, provides all of the family’s cooking and space heating needs (including in-floor heating), and most of the hot water needs.

In-floor Heating

A floor of poured concrete forms a thermal mass in which tubing was placed to circulate glycol, providing improved performance. Each room has its own thermostat.

Water Heating

Copper piping feeds into the back of the stove and works through thermo-siphoning to put the heated water into a tank placed on the floor above.

Some electric heating is needed for hot water during the summer, but from September to May the stove does all of the water heating.

The house also takes advantage of passive solar heat from large windows on the south wall. House is very efficient, with insulated block, spray foam insulation and batts (R40 in walls, R50 in ceiling), so as to reduce heating needs.

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