3.5 kW Wind Turbine in Ashland

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3.5 kW Raum Energy wind turbine

This is the second such turbine installed in Canada. The turbine is intended to be near zero maintenance by using the latest technologies (gearless, brushless, permanent magnet), so as to be easy to operate.

The only problem with the wind turbine so far is that it has produced more energy than expected, which resulted in having to replace the original grid-tie inverter (rated for 3.5 kW) to a series of three 1.3-kW inverters. Each inverter works independently to meet the energy production requirements at any given time. Also, the turbine produces some noise, which has been reduced by adding insulation to reduce vibration in the tower.

The owner feels that wind energy, and renewable energy in general, is a necessary step for home owners. He sees this as a cost effective investment. This grid tie, net metered wind turbine is expected to meet all of his family’s energy needs, approximately 500 kWh per month in energy production.

He has had a good experience with the technology so far, and plans on installing other renewable energy systems, such as solar hot air, in the future. When the owner first mentioned installing the turbine, many thought it was foolish. Now that it is up and working, many are asking about how they can get a turbine.



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