Off-Grid Camp in Sunny Corner

wind-turbine-solar-panels1This combination of renewable energy systems provides power for camp in the woods near the river. It would have cost $8000 to make a hydro line to the camp and they would have been forced to cut a 5 m (16′) wide clearing lane through the forest, losing their privacy. Only with the independence offered by a wind turbine and solar panels could they preserve the natural beauty of their wooded area.

The hybrid system consists of two 400 W windmills mounted on an 26 m (84′) poll, and three 115 W solar panels, which store power in eight 6 V batteries. These systems are connected to an inverter and a charge controller Solar Boost™ 2000E (RV Power Products).

The owner uses the camp year-’round and generates enough power for all his electrical appliances (lights, TV, water pump). In case of temporary low generation output, there is a generator as a backup power source. The camp is also equipped with a wood stove for heating and propane stoves for cooking.

He is particularly happy with the windmills’ performance for they have a better generation potential in contrast with his solar panels due to the intermittence of the sun in an ideal geographical area with consistent wind conditions.


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