1 kW & 400 W Wind Turbines in Little Aldouane

mailletr-1The owner is a retired mechanic with technical skills and interest in alternate energy. He does this as a hobby and does not keep track of costs, which he says are high. He does his own fabrication work and repairs to his systems.

Energy generated is used for emergency power to light and heat his greenhouse (which happens rarely) and his house. Day-to-day it is used to light his shed where the storage batteries and inverter are kept. He finds it hard to find expert advice even among so-called experts and had to learn almost everything on his own. However the engineer at Southwest Windpower Inc. (unfortunately closed, as of 2013) has been helpful.

The owner has been more impressed with the 400 W unit (of marine quality) wind turbine than the other. Noise has not been an issue nor has he killed or injured any birds to his knowledge. He plans to continue his hobby by building a 3.7 kW unit this summer (2010) from Skystream.


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