Passive Solar Home with Biomass Heating in Jemseg

This passive solar, 230 m2 (2500 sq. ft.) home is located on a scenic, south facing slope. It is located on 2 hectares (5 acres) of water front property, facing the Saint John River and a lake. The home has lots of natural light, with each room receiving direct natural light at some point in the year.

Though it gets too hot in the late summer at times, which is why they have added curtains to some of the south facing windows, they find it very comfortable the rest of the year. They have put their bedroom in the basement, which is comfortable year round. They also have large, leafy trees on the south and east sides of the house, which provides shade and cooling in the summer.

The electric forced air heat, supplemented by the passive solar, was providing space heating, but the owners found that it was becoming expensive. They bought a pellet stove in August of 2008, and have used it for the past two winters. They find that the stove has greatly reduced their electric heating costs (up to $350/month), and find that it provides a comfortable heat.

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