Active Solar at Coastal Inn in Dieppe

Coastal Inn Dieppe - Solar Hot Water

The hotel uses compact florescent lightbulbs (CFLs) exclusively, and replaced air conditioners with more efficient heat pumps which help save energy during the shoulder seasons especially.

No regular maintenance required, though the owner monitors the collector fluid temperature on very hot summer days.

This environmentally friendly 4 Green Key Eco Rated hotel is reducing its carbon footprint by providing solar heated hot water.  Solar energy is absorbed by twelve flat plate solar hot water collectors bolted to the roof. The collectors are located on the south-western facing side. During the interview the temperature outside was −5.0 °C (23 °F). The fluid inside the collectors was 72.8 °C (163 °F). The fluid used is a food-grade glycol because it will not freeze and crack tubes. Glycol is non-toxic in low doses. In addition, glycol doesn’t physical mix with potable water. Heat from the glycol is transferred to potable water through a heat exchanger. The system has a 20-year warranty. The owner believes the system will pay for itself before the warranty expires.

Storage Tanks

Solar Hot Water Pump

Solar Hot Water Gauges

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