Solar Panels in Perth Andover

The owner wanted to reduce his dependency on grid electricity with a grid tied solar system, he also wanted to build his own tracking system so the photovoltaic system would always be facing the sun. Building the solar tracking system took over a year and a half and hundreds of hours of researching, but saved thousand of dollars in the process. The solar tracker uses sensors and motors to ensure the array is always pointing at the sun, which increases the output. The owner is looking for a heavy duty motor to rotate the array.

He is using ten 205 W Kyocera panels that total just over 2000 W; the photovoltaic panels are tied to a 4000 W Solectra grid tie inverter. The array produces at most 20 kWh daily. The inverter automatically shuts off when the main electrical grid is down so that workers can safely repair the electrical grid. The owner plans to add another 10 photovoltaic panels to increase his energy production.

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