Biomass in Port Elgin

The owner decided to install this type of stove instead of a wood stove because the wood pellets were made from wood industry by-products. However the pellets she purchases now are made from whole trees. In comparison to a wood stove, the pellets appear to be dustier. And the pellets also create more waste because they are delivered in plastic bags. The owner burns 140 bags per year to keep her 140 squared metres home heated. The stove requires little attention, other than keeping the stove hopper full, every 24 hrs and cleaning the ash out ever week. Fire ash is very fine and makes a mess because as you remove the ashtray, the ash flies everywhere. The pellet stove is constantly on during the winter. The owner uses electric baseboard heaters as a back up. The owner believes her pellet stoves to be safer than woodstoves.

Pellet Stove