Geothermal Heat Pump in North Lake

Upon buying a new house the owners decided to replace the existing electric heaters with a more efficient Ground Source Heat Pump. They also added spray foam with an R value of 18 to the basement walls to reduce heat loss. A Heat Recovery Ventilator was also added to remove heat from stale air exiting the home and preheat the air entering the Ground Source Heat Pump. All of the above helps the home achieve an ENERguide rating of 88. The Ground Source Heat Pump provides space heating/cooling as well as domestic hot water heating for the 439 m2 home. The heat is collected from 3 loops of coiled pipes that are 1.8 metres deep and 30.5 metres long, laid horizontally in a wet area. The loops are surrounded by water, which aids in transferring heat. One disadvantage with this system is that the air distribution system only has one zone. In order to cool the second floor of the house, the basement has to be cooled as well, which may not be required. Spray Foam (R18), Heat Recovery Ventilator was coupled to the Ground Source Heat Pump. In the future the owner would split the distribution system into two zones to prevent this.The system is now able to provide air conditioning in the summer, which was not available before.

Geothermal System

Closed Ground Loops System

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