Crossfire Masonry Heater in Woodstock

The owner built the fireplace around an existing home; he says it would have been much easier to build the house around the fireplace. The owner went from 5 cords of hardwood to burning 2 cords of soft wood and scraps, but in addition to the house was also completed during the same time period. Because the heat lasts for so long, less time/labour is spent filling the fireplace with wood. The owner decided that a masonry heater would best suit his needs, after looking at several different types they decided on the Crossfire 950-kg (2100-lb.) insert (Model number CF-2100-BO). A concrete pad was poured in the basement to carry the load of the fireplace; the insert was then covered with 5 tonnes of local Granite. The insert can be covered with any masonry material from adobe brick and to river rock. A cold air intake was added so that the fireplace was not drawing air into the home through openings. One firing will provide heat for around 10–12 hours and the insert’s efficiency is 75% or greater. The owner also went with the optional bake oven that is used as a slow cooker.

Crossfire Masonry Heater