Solar Panels on Roof, Sackville, NB

An R-2000 home! This self-installed solar hot water system (using propylene glycol) provides both domestic hot water and space heating through an in-floor heating system in the garage and house. The owner had originally considered installing oil to provide this heat, however, after looking at installation costs and the ongoing rising cost of oil, solar thermal was considered instead. They are very happy with their choice to go solar.

This installation has a government safety inspection, assuring a quality install using CSA-approved components. The system has two 365 L (80 gal.) tanks; one preheats the domestic hot water and the other is for in-floor heating. The in-floor heating system is PEX pipe embedded in concrete.

In the future, the owners are looking to install solar PV and wind energy, as they are located next to the Saint John river with a great open exposure to both energy sources.