Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Installation

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Installation in Marysville, outside of The Ville community centre

In the winter of 2016, provincial coordinator of Renewables NB, Falls Brook Centre, installed a new vertical axis wind turbine in partnership with Naveco Power.

This new unit was installed in Marysville, outside of The Ville community centre. With 2 separate turbines stacked on top of each other, this unit produces a maximum power output of 6 kW and stands nearly 6 m (20′) high.

Purchased from Kohilo Wind, this is their first model to be tested in Canada, and has been installed with the goal of engaging local stakeholders to invest in the new cutting-edge technology. This vertical axis wind turbine is unique because it is equipped with diffusers, which create a vacuum effect and help to draw wind from all angles into the center of the turbine.

This property allows the wind turbine to begin producing electricity at much lower wind speeds 5 km/h (3 mph) as opposed to standard windmills 13–16 km/h (8–10 mph). The design allows allows for additional turbine stacking, up to 3 turbines, which also makes for easier transportation compared to other vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) designs.

The unit also comes with 4 deep cycle batteries for electricity storage, located at the base of the structure, which is approximately 1.2 × 1.2 m (4 × 4′).

Another reason why Naveco Power and Falls Brook Centre opted for this design was due to noise output, which is close to 38 dB, equivalent to a quiet room. Along with quiet operation, it can also be paired with remote WiFi monitoring to allow the owner to monitor and record power production.

Even though this is the first time this design has been tested in Canada, there have been no majors issues related to the product’s operation due to the new snowy climate.