The Greens Go Green

One family’s journey to energy efficiency & renewables The Greens have talked about going solar for some time, they knew this was the route they wanted to take. They were used to losing power all the time due to big storms. Once they had children, and one particular storm had left them without power overnight … Read more

Off-grid living in New Brunswick

The owners decided to go off-grid because the ability to sell power in New Brunswick was not quite there. They wanted power independence so that they would no longer suffer from grid down situations like hurricanes and other weather-related power outages. The owners also care about the environment and want to reduce their impact as much … Read more

Retrofitting older bungalow leads to energy savings

This homeowner wanted to do the right thing by making his home energy efficient (he went through an energy audit with Efficiency NB), and then installed renewable energy to lower his use of electricity from NB Power. After going through the energy efficiency upgrades, such as better insulating his basement, providing new windows, and sealing … Read more

Living efficiently in Upper Kingsclear

This home owner has had energy efficiency and conservation in mind since building their home in 1993. It was one of the first R2000 homes in the area, and the family living in it is very conscious about energy use. They are always looking for ways to lower their reliance on grid electricity. They had … Read more