Category: Bioenergy

Off Grid Carbon Neutral Living at Interpretative Centre in Heron Wood

The Laforge Holstein plant is a biomass system set on 400 hectares (1000 acres) of land that uses organic materials such as potato peels, fries, pizza dough and tomato sauce, mixed with manure and chicken grease residue for biodigestion (anaerobic decomposition). The system has 2 mixing tanks that hold the organic material: tank 1 is used as… Read more »

Wood Heating in Letete

The owners have been very low energy and resource consumers since arriving in Canada in 1972. The main wood furnace and heat distribution system was home-made using an existing design and was constructed of recycled and new materials. The small wood heaters are recovered units used for cooking and heating in both the home and… Read more »

Wood Stove Heating & Hot Water in Lower Kintore

This Pioneer stove, equipped with the capability for hot water heating, provides all of the family’s cooking and space heating needs (including in-floor heating), and most of the hot water needs.

Wood Stove Heating & Hot Water in Bocabec

This house provides excellent examples of energy efficiency implementation. There are no windows on the North side of the house to reduce heat loss. The cold room is on the North side to keep it cool. It has an energy efficient refrigerator. The owners have an on-demand hot water system instead of a hot water… Read more »

Wood Stove Water & Space Heating in Lower Kintore

This stove, equipped with the ability to heat water, was installed when the house was constructed in 1980, and has worked great ever since. It is used for all cooking and space heating, and most of the water heating. It has proven to be reliable, very comfortable, and reduces electricity use.