Category: Bioenergy

Wood Stove Water & Space Heating in Lower Kintore

This stove, equipped with the ability to heat water, was installed when the house was constructed in 1980, and has worked great ever since. It is used for all cooking and space heating, and most of the water heating. It has proven to be reliable, very comfortable, and reduces electricity use.

Off-grid Home in Jolicure

At the moment the home is powered by a small photovoltaic solar system which is sufficient for his home, however he has had to make some lifestyle changes. The owner monitors the amount of power being used, and can only use a laptop computer for a certain amount of time as to not drain its… Read more »

Brick Masonry Stove in Keswick

The system is a 2 ½-storey brick masonry heater of Finnish design. The heater includes a cook stove, oven, bread oven, and 2 fireboxes; one in cook stove and another on opposite side of brick mass. Heat from both fireboxes is circulated through and absorbed by mass. A copper water coil is installed in the heat… Read more »