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Solar energy offsetting electricity use in Fredericton

This homeowner wanted to do the right thing by making his home energy efficient (he went through an energy audit with Efficiency NB), and then installed renewable energy to lower his use of electricity from NB Power. After going through the energy efficiency upgrades, such as better insulating his basement, providing new windows, and sealing… Read more »

Living efficiently in Upper Kingsclear

This home owner has had energy efficiency and conservation in mind since building their home in 1993. It was one of the first R2000 homes in the area, and the family living in it is very conscious about energy use. They are always looking for ways to lower their reliance on grid electricity. They had… Read more »

The Terra Berma Project – Sustainable Off Grid Living

Along the tip of the Kingston Peninsula, the Terra Berma Project is a sustainable living project that demonstrates off-grid living doesn’t need mean compromising comfort. Constructed over 5 years using primarily using recycled tires and cob (a natural building material made from subsoil, water, some kind of fibrous organic material), the home was built out… Read more »

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Installation

In the winter of 2016, provincial coordinator of Renewables NB, Falls Brook Centre, installed a new vertical axis wind turbine in partnership with Naveco Power. This new unit was installed in Marysville, outside of The Ville community centre. With 2 separate turbines stacked on top of each other, this unit produces a maximum power output… Read more »

Geothermal and solar power in Middle Sackville

The Open Sky Co-operative in Middle Sackville, N.B., is housed on a 4.5 hectare (11 acre) farm and home dating from the 18th century. Heating an older home can be a challenge, and so the Co-operative undertook renovations to improve energy efficiency and to incorporate geothermal & solar energy on the farm.