Category: Geothermal

Ground Source Heat Pump in Woodstock

The owner has Asthma and finds the air quality very good thanks to the efficient Heat Recovery Ventilator, airtight construction, and the Ground Source Heat Pump. R-2000 insulation, insulated concrete forms, and advanced framing allow for more insulation (R-30 value). The home is certified R-2000 and the owner claims the extra costs paid for themselves… Read more »

Ecoparc at the Cultural and Sport Centre in Cormier Village

The Ecoparc includes a 3.6 hectare (9 acre) Acadian forest woodlot along the Kouchibouguac (Kagibougouet) River. In partnership with Vision H2O and with the assistance of a Roland Chiasson, a biologist and naturalist, educational trails have been established. Plans call for a minimum 0.8-hectare (2-acre) sustainable landscaped and demonstration area. Included will be an organic vegetable garden, native… Read more »

Geothermal Heat Pump in North Lake

Upon buying a new house the owners decided to replace the existing electric heaters with a more efficient Ground Source Heat Pump. They also added spray foam with an R value of 18 to the basement walls to reduce heat loss. A Heat Recovery Ventilator was also added to remove heat from stale air exiting… Read more »

Geothermal in Burtts Corner

After the first winter, the owners wanted to reduce their energy bills. The first winter cost them $4,200 with an oil furnace. After the installation of the water source heat pump their heating bills dropped to $1,100 a year, even after adding over 305 square metres of living space and cooling in the summer. The… Read more »

Geothermal at Horizon Health in Rexton

A NB LEED project — going for Gold rating. Geothermal has 6 zones in building. This installation will have very high capital cost due to the LEED standards but will have lower energy cost in the near future.