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Passive Solar Home with Geothermal Heat Pump in Kingston Peninsula

The owners wanted to build a home that would have low long-term costs, be comfortable, and modern. They decided to build a passive solar home because it met these criteria. They find the home to be very comfortable, and are happy with their choice. They also chose very energy efficient appliances, and used recycled or… Read more »

Geothermal Heat Pump in Loggieville

The installer underestimated the size needed for this house and therefore it took much longer and cost more than initially estimated. Initially a 1.8 t (2 tons) heat pump was required, but in the end a 2.7 t (3 tons) was installed. Also, 2 horizontal loops (152 m (499′) each) in yard were planned, but more heat was needed so… Read more »

Air and Water Heat Pumps in Fredericton

An air-to-air heat pump (with electric element backup) was installed as part of the construction of this new home, in 2008. The owner proceeded to add a backup by using a water to refrigerant heat exchanger to improve the efficiency of the system. The addition draws water from their deep well, runs it through the… Read more »

5.4 t (6 ton) Geothermal in Saint John

This house was originally built as a beach side cottage in 1905 on the west side of the City of Saint John. This project was a major conversion of an oil fired hot water boiler system to an in ground vertical heat pump of 5.4 t (6 ton) capacity. The owner researched and directed much of the… Read more »