2.1 kW Photovoltaic system & 31.6 kW Geothermal in Riverview

Solar photovoltaic panels

Owner feels strongly that electricians need to be more aware of how to install solar panels and other alternative technologies. Solar panels are net metered.

When he first moved, geothermal was working full tilt but it wasn’t very efficient because the house wasn’t finished i.e. the insulation was not put in yet. Too early to see if there was any reduction in his electrical bills.

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Solar Wall Hot Air Circulation in the City of Saint John

SolarWall on bus parking bay’s west end

The solar wall is located on the south side of 1.4 hectare (3.5 acre), 11150 m2 (120000 sq. ft.) building which serves as the City of Saint John’s Transit Centre bus garage or bus barn. Along with several other energy saving and environmentally sustainable features this building has earned a LEED Silver standard and has received several environmental awards.

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Geothermal Heat Pump in St. Andrews

Heat pump compressor

The high efficiency water-to-water heat pump is the main heat system for the 121 m2 (1300 sq. ft.) home which makes up for heat not provided by the passive solar feature of the house design. The owners are very satisfied with the comfort of the in floor geothermal heating.

The heat pump has since been replaced with a Nordic brand, installed by East Coast Air.

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Geothermal in Upper Golden Grove

A ground-source heat pump, supplied by Carrier and installed by Ultra Air, replaced an electric furnace in a 280 m2 (3000 sq. ft.). This is a horizontal, open-loop system, with 180 m (591′) of piping, drawing from a well and draining into a pond on the property. The system is quiet, with a small compressor and fan, and is … Read more

3.6 t (4 ton) Geothermal in Sackville

The owners installed a 3.6 t (4-ton) geothermal heating and cooling system. The system serves to heat, cool and de-humidify the home. It also preheats the hot water for the home. The owners of this home are pleased with their system, and are projecting they will recover their costs in less than 11 years. The system is … Read more