Geothermal in Sackville

The geothermal system was installed in 2007 by ROSS Refrigeration. The house is large and relatively old (ca. 1820). The system is adequate for the home and is able to take care of almost all of the heating. There is a 3000 watt back-up electric element that runs only when the geothermal system is unable … Read more

Geothermal in Bristol

This is a net-metered house. It is a new construction, begun in 2008. The owner is also considering solar energy addition in the future. The house was rated 85 during the energy efficiency test. Propane is used to heat water. The owners also use energy star appliances and put insulated concrete form (ICF) for all … Read more

Geothermal in Wood Point

The homeowners installed a Nordic Geothermal heat pump in 2008. Their system is unique because they had to have duct work installed as well as the system. This raised the cost and meant more infrastructure changes to the house.The system is a 2.7 t (3 tons) geothermal heat pump that heats the house in the winter and … Read more