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The Terra Berma Project – Sustainable Off Grid Living

Along the tip of the Kingston Peninsula, the Terra Berma Project is a sustainable living project that demonstrates off-grid living doesn’t need mean compromising comfort. Constructed over 5 years using primarily using recycled tires and cob (a natural building material made from subsoil, water, some kind of fibrous organic material), the home was built out… Read more »

Air to Air Heat Pump in Knowlesville

This 2-bedroom bungalow in Knowlesville, NB, is heated and cooled by a 350 W (1200 BTU/h) air-to-air heat pump. The move from wood to 2 heat pump units has greatly improved the efficiency of the home plus adding cooling capacity for the summer. Both heat pumps are manufactured by Fujitsu. The system is well sized for the… Read more »

Passive Solar in Heath Steele

This is a retirement home on the North West Miramichi that the couple spent decades designing and refining. The building is

Ecoparc at the Cultural and Sport Centre in Cormier Village

The Ecoparc includes a 3.6 hectare (9 acre) Acadian forest woodlot along the Kouchibouguac (Kagibougouet) River. In partnership with Vision H2O and with the assistance of a Roland Chiasson, a biologist and naturalist, educational trails have been established. Plans call for a minimum 0.8-hectare (2-acre) sustainable landscaped and demonstration area. Included will be an organic vegetable garden, native… Read more »

Off-Grid Passive Home in Baie-Verte

Nestled on top of Uniacke Hill near Baie Verte, there is a unique off-grid passive solar home. Located on an old country road, it is surrounded by open fields that allow a rolling wind to cool the home in the summertime. It is a passive solar home because almost all of the windows are located… Read more »