Off-Grid Passive Home in Baie-Verte

Nestled on top of Uniacke Hill near Baie Verte, there is a unique off-grid passive solar home. Located on an old country road, it is surrounded by open fields that allow a rolling wind to cool the home in the summertime.

It is a passive solar home because almost all of the windows are located on the southern facing side of the home, which allows for passive solar light and heat gain. Passive solar homes require significantly less energy because they harness heat through the windows on the sunniest side of the home.

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Passive Solar Home with Masonry Heater in French Lake

This passive solar, 232 m2 (2500 sq. ft.) home is located on a scenic, south facing slope. It is located on 2.0 hectares (5 acres) of waterfront property, facing the Saint John River and a lake. The home has lots of natural light, with each room receiving direct natural light at some point in the year.

Though it gets too hot in the late summer at times, which is why they have added curtains to some of the south facing windows, they find it very comfortable the rest of the year. They have put their bedroom in the basement, which is comfortable year round. They also have large, leafy trees on the south and east sides of the house, which provides shade and cooling in the summer.

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Passive Solar Home with Geothermal Heat Pump in Kingston Peninsula

The owners wanted to build a home that would have low long-term costs, be comfortable, and modern. They decided to build a passive solar home because it met these criteria. They find the home to be very comfortable, and are happy with their choice. They also chose very energy efficient appliances, and used recycled or very durable materials where they could. For instance, they used HardiePlank siding on their building exterior, as it is very durable and shouldn’t have to be replaced as long as the owners occupy the building.

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Passive Solar on the family farm in Glassville

img_21291This newer home was built next to their family farm, and is set into a south-facing hill. The owners took advantage of this feature to include passive solar design elements, such as large windows on the south side of the home, and with large overhangs to provide shade during the summer. The north wall of the basement is buried by the hill, and the south-facing walk-out basement leads into the yard. The family finds this home very comfortable and efficient.

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