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Passive Solar Home with Air-to-Air Heat Pump in Fredericton

This passive solar house is situated in a residential area and blends into the surrounding mixed forest environment being adjacent to a city woodlot. The high insulation levels of ICF (insulated concrete form) construction, R-30 to R-50, are key to the passive solar heating. The generating element of the passive solar heat is the 2-storey… Read more »

Solar Wall Hot Air Circulation in the City of Saint John

The solar wall is located on the south side of 1.4 hectare (3.5 acre), 11150 m2 (120000 sq. ft.) building which serves as the City of Saint John’s Transit Centre bus garage or bus barn. Along with several other energy saving and environmentally sustainable features this building has earned a LEED Silver standard and has received several environmental awards.

Passive Solar System in Fredericton

The incorporation of the solar system and components had the advantage of being installed during a complete renovation of the 2-storey sun porch. Recycled materials were used for all of these projects, including insulation, double paned glass, and copper sheet and piping. The thermal-siphoning air panel (TAP) solar unit is built into the sun porch… Read more »

Passive Solar Home in St. Andrews

This passive solar house is built in an almost rural setting within the town of St. Andrews with a view of Chamcook Harbour and Passamaquoddy Bay on the north and east side. The north to northwest side is sheltered by a grove of softwood trees. The solar face of the house is facing basically true… Read more »

Passive Solar Home in Kent County

This project is exceptional in the long-standing energy efficiency and awareness of this couple (~60 years). Their passive solar home is a converted tobacco shed acquired about 50 years ago. Super insulation is acquired by using batt insulation and 2 layers of well-sealed P2000 insulated board. Principles of passive solar are incorporated throughout the residence… Read more »