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Off Grid Carbon Neutral Living at Interpretative Centre in Heron Wood

The Laforge Holstein plant is a biomass system set on 400 hectares (1000 acres) of land that uses organic materials such as potato peels, fries, pizza dough and tomato sauce, mixed with manure and chicken grease residue for biodigestion (anaerobic decomposition). The system has 2 mixing tanks that hold the organic material: tank 1 is used as… Read more »

VISION Home in Moncton

The EQuilibrium project is a national sustainable housing demonstration initiative, created and led by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. One of the winning entries for the Sustainable Housing Demonstration Initiative is the VISION home located in Moncton.

Capturing the Sun in Lincoln

The solar space heating unit comes equipped with a built-in solar electric photovoltaic panel to drive the unit’s circulation. The unit is rated to supply heat for 110 m2 (1200 sq. ft.). The heat generated is presently being blown into the basement area and feels that there should be an additional circulation fan added to the system or… Read more »

Solar Space Heating in Fredericton

The Cansolair space heating unit, installed by Grün-sol, is mounted on a wall on the exterior of the house. The unit heats air to temperatures of 71 °C (160 °F) and employs a thermostat and fan unit to push the air into the room through a 13 cm (5″) wall vent near the ceiling. The unit is rated… Read more »

Passive Solar in Keswick

This passive solar house is situated in a north/south direction on a 125 hectare (309 acre) farm, woodlot, and sugarbush operation in the Keswick Ridge area. The systems in the house allow it to be rated as zero-carbon, energy-neutral, with zero waste and as an environmentally-compatible dwelling. Three 1.2 × 1.5 m (4 × 5′) south-facing windows allow for passive solar heat… Read more »