Solar Hot Air in Cocagne

This house is located in the rural community of Cocagne. The Cansolair panel was installed by Southside Air Inc., and is made from recycled aluminum pop cans. You can actually see the cans inside. A fan run by a motor is used to bring the heat into the house.The owners installed this panel because of a … Read more

Geothermal in Bristol

This is a net-metered house. It is a new construction, begun in 2008. The owner is also considering solar energy addition in the future. The house was rated 85 during the energy efficiency test. Propane is used to heat water. The owners also use energy star appliances and put insulated concrete form (ICF) for all … Read more

Passive Solar in Keswick

Passive Solar Farmhouse

This passive solar house is situated in a north/south direction on a 125 hectare (309 acre) farm, woodlot, and sugarbush operation in the Keswick Ridge area.

The systems in the house allow it to be rated as zero-carbon, energy-neutral, with zero waste and as an environmentally-compatible dwelling.

Three 1.2 × 1.5 m (4 × 5′) south-facing windows allow for passive solar heat to enter the interior of house. Much of the passive solar heat is absorbed by the brick mass of a masonry heater that sits directly behind the window area.

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Brick Masonry Stove in Keswick

Brick masonry heater

The system is a 2 ½-storey brick masonry heater of Finnish design. The heater includes a cook stove, oven, bread oven, and 2 fireboxes; one in cook stove and another on opposite side of brick mass.

Heat from both fireboxes is circulated through and absorbed by mass. A copper water coil is installed in the heat mass which provides all domestic hot water winter and summer. Hot water is stored in an external tank. The masonry heater sits in front of large south facing windows allowing the mass to absorb passive solar heat.

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