Bill Johnstone Memorial Park solar array (12kW)

The Bill Johnstone Memorial Park solar array (12 kW) was installed by Vertex Solar Solutions on November 12,  2022. In 2023, they produced a total of 12,670 kWh. At 0.3 kilograms of carbon dioxide equivalent per kWh, this solar array reduced Tantramar’s emissions by approximately 3,800 kilograms in 2023.


The Vertex Solar team poses after installing the Bill Johnstone Memorial Park Solar Array

The 12kW system will supply 72% of the Bill Johnstone Memorial Activity Center’s annual electricity, with approximately 15,346 kWh of solar electricity used per year. The solar system will reduce emissions by 315 tonnes of carbon dioxide and help the municipality significantly lower utility costs for the building.








Below  is a screenshot of the monthly kWh data from the AP Systems site.


Bill Johnstone monthly kWh.png

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