Category: Solar Panels

Solar Hot Water in Sackville

The owners have a passive solar home that is equipped with solar hot water panels. The main purpose for the home and the panels is to help the environment and become less dependent on fossil fuels. The system is a solar hot water pre-heating system. Two 4 x 8-foot solar panels (by Thermodynamics) are installed… Read more »

Solar Hot Water and Solar Hot Air in Sackville

The owner has chosen to use a combination of systems to help lower electricity payments and test renewable energy. The systems include solar hot air space heating (Cansolair), and solar hot water heating (Thermodynamics). electricity generation from a wind turbine

VISION Home in Moncton

The EQuilibrium project is a national sustainable housing demonstration initiative, created and led by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. One of the winning entries for the Sustainable Housing Demonstration Initiative is the VISION home located in Moncton.

Off-grid Home in Jolicure

At the moment the home is powered by a small photovoltaic solar system which is sufficient for his home, however he has had to make some lifestyle changes. The owner monitors the amount of power being used, and can only use a laptop computer for a certain amount of time as to not drain its… Read more »

Off-grid Home in Knowlesville

This is an off-grid system that more than meets the needs of this family, home-based business and supplies surplus power to a small artist cabin nearby. The house is a timberframe with strawbale infill, 3 storey, 195 m2 (2100 sq. ft.) building. The cabin is a load-bearing strawbale contruction, 1.5 storey and 60 m2 (650 sq. ft.). They have several appliances… Read more »