Category: Solar Panels

Off-Grid Yurt in Cocagne

The owner uses this place as a summer get-away on a large, wooded property. He built himself a yurt and uses the solar panel to run one light, a computer, a DVD player and a radio. When he uses the vacuum cleaner, it is often too much of a load for the system to handle. When… Read more »

120 W Photovoltaic system in Fredericton

Four 30 W solar panels, pointing south (1 pm) and south-west (3 pm), catch the noon and afternoon sun and work surprisingly well during sunny summer days. A daily charge of up to 7 A for 6–8 hours keeps 3 deep-cycle spiral-type 12 V batteries (a total of 165 Ah) well-charged and ready for supplying enough energy to a… Read more »

Solar Hot Water & Space Heating in Debec

This solar thermal system provides both hot water and in-floor heating to this house and garage for a family of four, and has a 40 gallon tank for thermal storage along with a 15kW electric heater as a back-up. In the summer, 2 of the 4 banks of evacuated tubes are covered, and the heat… Read more »

Solar Hot Air in Cocagne

This house is located in the rural community of Cocagne. The Cansolair panel was installed by Southside Air Inc., and is made from recycled aluminum pop cans. You can actually see the cans inside. A fan run by a motor is used to bring the heat into the house.The owners installed this panel because of a… Read more »

Solar Hot Water in Woodstock

This system was installed to help offset the large amount of hot water that is used in this apartment and office building, which is currently heated by an oil furnace. Three 270 L (60 gal.) tanks were attached to the 9 banks of Sunrain Evacuated Tubes (for a total of 180 tubes). It was installed by Sunwave… Read more »