Category: Solar Panels

EcoPlusHome in Bathurst

Outstanding Energy Efficiency Project: Residential New Construction, EcoPlusHome (Bathurst) Put simply, the EcoPlusHome is the most energy efficient home on record with Efficiency NB’s New Homes Program. The home was built this year in Bathurst through the collaboration and partnership of a number of companies who were brought together by Axel Lerche of marketing firm… Read more »

Solar Hot Water in Dieppe

This environmentally friendly 4 Green Key Eco Rated hotel is reducing the carbon footprint of its 104 rooms by providing solar heated hot water. Hotel occupants enjoy the benefits of using renewable energy from the sun whenever they use hot water. Solar energy is absorbed by twelve flat plate solar hot water collectors (SHW), which… Read more »

Geothermal, Solar Air, & Hot Water in Midgic

The benefits of installing renewable energy have always made sense to the owners of this home. The family of four has installed three different systems, and see renewable energy technology as a great way to save money. Having a large home, they reduce their electrical bills by harnessing renewable heat from the sun and earth…. Read more »

Geothermal & Solar Hot Water in Edmundston

This apartment owner has decided that ground source heat pumps (GSHP) are an excellent investment, and the right environmental choice for lowering emissions. Since GSHPs work best in larger structures, such as this 26-unit, 2044 m2 (22000 sq. ft.) apartment complex, this building is ideally suited for such a system. Also, combined with the fact that this GSHP… Read more »

Solar Hot Water in Upper Kent

An R-2000 home! This self-installed solar hot water system (using propylene glycol) provides both domestic hot water and space heating through an in-floor heating system in the garage and house. The owner had originally considered installing oil to provide this heat, however, after looking at installation costs and the ongoing rising cost of oil, solar… Read more »