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VISION Home in Moncton

The EQuilibrium project is a national sustainable housing demonstration initiative, created and led by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. One of the winning entries for the Sustainable Housing Demonstration Initiative is the VISION home located in Moncton.

Off-grid Home in Jolicure

At the moment the home is powered by a small photovoltaic solar system which is sufficient for his home, however he has had to make some lifestyle changes. The owner monitors the amount of power being used, and can only use a laptop computer for a certain amount of time as to not drain its… Read more »

Off-Grid Yurt in Cocagne

The owner uses this place as a summer get-away on a large, wooded property. He built himself a yurt and uses the solar panel to run one light, a computer, a DVD player and a radio. When he uses the vacuum cleaner, it is often too much of a load for the system to handle. When… Read more »

Solar Hot Air in Cocagne

This house is located in the rural community of Cocagne. The Cansolair panel was installed by Southside Air Inc., and is made from recycled aluminum pop cans. You can actually see the cans inside. A fan run by a motor is used to bring the heat into the house.The owners installed this panel because of a… Read more »

Geothermal in Wood Point

The homeowners installed a Nordic Geothermal heat pump in 2008. Their system is unique because they had to have duct work installed as well as the system. This raised the cost and meant more infrastructure changes to the house.The system is a 2.7 t (3 tons) geothermal heat pump that heats the house in the winter and… Read more »