2.3 kW Wind Turbine in Bertrand

The client noted that the government should offer grants to the general public to encourage such projects. This system runs a pump in the stable, 11 fluorescent lights, and several outlets. It provides power for the entire workshop, for its many 110-V electrical devices. The owner’s future plans for the project are to power his … Read more

400 W Wind Turbine & 360 W Photovoltaic panels at James M. Hill High School in Miramichi

This system is found on the roof of a local high school. It consists of two solar panels that are 1.2 × 1.2 m (4 × 4′), 180 W each from Shell Oil; one 400 W AIRX LAND wind turbine with a diameter of 116.8 cm (46″). The wind turbine can produce 38 kWh/month at a constant speed of 5.4 m/s (12 mph). It can reach … Read more