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3 kW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine in Lamèque

Peak power for this system is 5 kW. Can run the park’s 8 computers, most of the lights, the 2 fridges, and many other things. Also, the upcoming projects for this turbine would supply energy for lighting our observation tower and the footbridge that winds through our estuary.

1 kW & 400 W Wind Turbines in Little Aldouane

The owner is a retired mechanic with technical skills and interest in alternate energy. He does this as a hobby and does not keep track of costs, which he says are high. He does his own fabrication work and repairs to his systems. Energy generated is used for emergency power to light and heat his… Read more »

3.5 kW Wind Turbine in Ashland

This is the second such turbine installed in Canada. The turbine is intended to be near zero maintenance by using the latest technologies (gearless, brushless, permanent magnet), so as to be easy to operate.

Off-Grid Camp in Sunny Corner

This combination of renewable energy systems provides power for camp in the woods near the river. It would have cost $8000 to make a hydro line to the camp and they would have been forced to cut a 5 m (16′) wide clearing lane through the forest, losing their privacy. Only with the independence offered by… Read more »