Category: Wind

400 W Wind Turbine in Fredericton

An Air X 400 W wind turbine sits high above the roof and could generate as much as 400 W of power, when the wind blows — which it does from late fall to early spring, but not once summer arrives. Essentially, there is no energy to be had from wind at this location during the warmer… Read more »

2.4 kW Turbine in Bristol

This net-metered house takes advantage of a good wind site, high above the river valley. It is newly-constructed, begun in 2008. Its 2.4-kW Skystream wind turbine was installed by Grun-Sol Technologies Ltd.

Solar Hot Water, Photovoltaic & 400W Wind Turbine in Sackville

The owners  installed a domestic solar hot water system in 2007 and added three different sizes of photovoltaic panels and a 400 W wind turbine to generate electricity. The owners have two 4×8′ solar hot water panels connected to a heat exchanger and water storage tank, which is linked to the regular hot water tank. To help… Read more »

Wind Turbines at Falls Brook Centre in Knowlesville

The Centre has 3 turbines, a 400W Air X turbine, a 450 W NPP Sprite, and a 3 kW Whisper 175. The 3 kW turbine is part of a net metered system, the first in New Brunswick, which helps offset the Centre’s electricity use. Most of these systems were installed by staff at Falls Brook or as part… Read more »

10 kW Wind Turbine at Cape Jourimain

Since the fall of 2008, Cape Jourimain Nature Centre, at the foot of the Confederation Bridge, has been served by a 10 kW Bergey wind turbine (net-metered). As the wind speed increases, the turbine output increases and the amount of power purchased from the utility is proportionately decreased. When the turbine output is more than the… Read more »