NB Power Home Insulation Energy Savings Program


After registering for this program, NB Power will help you book an appointment with an energy auditor, who will come to your house and assess its energy efficiency. The auditor will prepare a list of recommended upgrades for you, and it is up to you to decide which you plan on pursuing. For the upgrades you choose that are approved by NB Power, you will receive financial incentives towards implementing them. Homeowners who do one major insulation upgrade are also eligible for $500 towards a heat pump purchased from a list of approved heat pump contractors.

NB Power Low Income Energy Savings Program


This program provides energy efficiency upgrades to low-income homeowners in order to improve their energy use. Energy efficiency upgrades could include anything from improving air sealing around windows and doors to increasing insulation in attics and walls. Acceptance into this program is based on a first come, first served basis and currently has a waitlist of approximately 18 months.

NB Power Net Metering Program

Residential Commercial Industrial

Through NB Power’s Net Metering Program, the power that your renewable energy system generates can be fed back into the existing electrical grid through a special type of meter or net meter that will be installed by replacing your existing meter. This new meter will provide readings for the electricity you use from NB Power and the electricity you produce, and send back to the distribution system. You will then be billed for the difference or net amount of electricity used. If you produce more energy than you use, you will obtain credits that can be carried over to the next month. Credits cannot be carried forward past the end of the fiscal year.

NB Power Embedded Generation Program

Commercial Industrial

Renewable energy systems that exceed 100 kW may qualify for the NB Power Embedded Generation Program. This program allows applicants to connect their renewable energy systems to the grid and act as a small-scale generation station. Instead of credits like the Net Metering Program, station owners will be paid by NB Power per kWh they supply to the grid, with rates varying depending on demand.

NB Power Commercial Buildings Retrofit Program


Any commercial building within the province of New Brunswick can receive up to $3,000 towards evaluations for energy efficiency upgrades, and a maximum of $75,000 towards energy retrofitting project costs. Projects must have defined electrical savings and meet other criteria before they are eligible for this program.

Government of Canada Tax Savings for Industry


The Government of Canada makes clean energy projects such as solar energy, wind energy, and energy from waste more fiscally attractive for industry by providing business income tax incentives.

Saint John Energy Home Energy Advisement


Customers of Saint John Energy are eligible for a free energy advising service to provide homeowners with information on how to improve their energy efficiency. The sessions take between 30–60 minutes, and examine all aspects of your home from insulation to appliance energy requirements.

New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund

Community groups, NB municipalities, First Nations non-profit NB organizations, and institutions furthering sustainable development may apply to the Environmental Trust Fund for funding towards action-oriented projects that will protect, preserve, and enhance the Province’s natural environment.