About Renewables NB

Who we are

Falls Brook Centre [logo]Falls Brook Centre

Falls Brook Centre (FBC) has been acting as the provincial coordinator for the Renewables NB consortium since 2015. Falls Brook Centre is a demonstration centre and registered charity that works to foster thriving local communities by educating and inspiring people to adopt environmentally sound practices. Through partnerships, recreation, and education that support the creation of a balanced, sustainable way of life, FBC seeks to explore and promote practical solutions to today’s environmental, social, and economic challenges. One of Falls Brook Centre’s main program areas is renewable energy and energy efficiency, and FBC has been working to implement and support related projects since its inception in 1992.

Conservation Council of New Brunswick [logo]Conservation Council of NB

Conservation Council of New Brunswick (CCNB) is a non-profit organization, first established in 1969, that creates awareness of environmental problems and advances practical solutions through research, education and interventions. Consisting of a small, but dedicated staff they work to protect the province’s air, water and land. Throughout the years, CCNB has worked with programs such as Marine Conservation Program, Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Health Programs,Forest Conservation, Climate Action, and Health Watch Programs.

Miramichi River Environmental Assessment Committee [logo]Miramichi River Environmental Assessment Committee

The Miramichi River Environmental Assessment Committee (MREAC) was formed in 1989 as a multi-stakeholder environmental non-governmental organization to address watershed-based issues. Since 1993 it has been a member of the Atlantic Coastal Action Program, now the Atlantic Ecosystem Initiative. MREAC continues to function as a multi-stakeholder community-based not-for-profit watershed organisation that monitors, assesses, and addresses environmental issues on the Miramichi watershed. MREAC is also an advocate for renewable energy in the province and has done work regarding solar mapping in the Miramichi region.

Cape Jourimain Nature Centre [logo]Cape Jourimain Nature Centre

The Centre was created to protect and preserve the wild flora and fauna of this area of the Maritime coast. Unique among Canada’s parks, Cape Jourimain Nature Centre offers state-of-the-art eco-sensitive technologies, allowing visitors unparallelled easy access to the environment without risk of disturbance or damage. The Cape Jourimain Nature Centre provides educational programs and tours to thousands of visitors every year. Not a sprawling park but rather a hidden jewel of trails, beaches and spectacular scenery, Cape Jourimain allows visitors to experience the ocean and coastal forests and marshes in a new way. Undeveloped, undisturbed, peace-filled and beautiful.

Your Environmental Trust Fund at Work. Renewables NB is made possible through support from the New Brunswick Environmental Trust Fund.