Category: Bioenergy

Passive Solar on the family farm in Glassville

This newer home was built next to their family farm, and is set into a south-facing hill. The owners took advantage of this feature to include passive solar design elements, such as large windows on the south side of the home, and with large overhangs to provide shade during the summer. The north wall of… Read more »

Passive Solar & Masonry Heater in Bocabec

A number of features have been added to the house to make it more efficient, such as the use of strapping (to reduce thermal bridging), putting insulation on the exterior of the concrete foundation (so as to maximize thermal mass), and lots of insulation in the walls and ceiling. The house is also somewhat submerged… Read more »

Vegetable Oil Furnace in St. Andrews

As a source of heat to meet requirements during the colder months, a furnace was installed which runs on waste vegetable oil. The owner had previous experience using veggie oil, as he has run his diesel vehicles on waste veggie oil for many years. The furnace is very efficient (90% +) and works well using… Read more »

180W Photovoltaic on Off-Grid House in Kingston Peninsula

The owner started constructing his off-grid home on a 8.1 hectares (20-acre) woodlot in 1996–97. He strove to have as low an impact as possible for the construction, and did this through a number of ways: all wood was milled on site from local sources, recycled materials were used whenever possible (such as old doors), he… Read more »

Finnish Soapstone Masonry Heater in St. Andrews

This is a soapstone masonry heater of Finnish make and design. The masonry heater sits between the living room and dining room and the heat circulates through natural convection. Total annual operating costs are $400 to $500 depending on the price of local cord of wood (approximately 2 cords per year).