Geothermal in Burtts Corner

After the first winter, the owners wanted to reduce their energy bills. The first winter cost them $4,200 with an oil furnace. After the installation of the water source heat pump their heating bills dropped to $1,100 a year, even after adding over 305 square metres of living space and cooling in the summer. The … Read more

Earth Berm Home with Masonry Heater in Mazerolle Settlement

This 110 m2 (1200 sq. ft.), 2-bedroom home was built with energy efficiency in mind. The owner constructed the home within the specifications of R-2000, which was difficult because local contractors were unfamiliar with this at the time of construction (1984). The home was very air tight and well insulated. It was built 1.2 m (4′) into the ground, so as to keep cool in the summer and warm in the winter (though it has higher humidity as a result) — the owners find it very comfortable to live in.

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Passive Solar Home with Masonry Heater in French Lake

This passive solar, 232 m2 (2500 sq. ft.) home is located on a scenic, south facing slope. It is located on 2.0 hectares (5 acres) of waterfront property, facing the Saint John River and a lake. The home has lots of natural light, with each room receiving direct natural light at some point in the year.

Though it gets too hot in the late summer at times, which is why they have added curtains to some of the south facing windows, they find it very comfortable the rest of the year. They have put their bedroom in the basement, which is comfortable year round. They also have large, leafy trees on the south and east sides of the house, which provides shade and cooling in the summer.

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