Category: Bioenergy

Geothermal in Burtts Corner

After the first winter, the owners wanted to reduce their energy bills. The first winter cost them $4,200 with an oil furnace. After the installation of the water source heat pump their heating bills dropped to $1,100 a year, even after adding over 305 square metres of living space and cooling in the summer. The… Read more »

Passive Solar in Knowlesville

This family lived off-grid for a number of years, relying on batteries and a generator for their electricity, and learning how to conserve it. It was found that this was fairly high-maintenance and, as the home owner aged, it was decided to get grid electricity to help meet some of the lighting, appliance, and computer/internet… Read more »

Earth Berm Home with Masonry Heater in Mazerolle Settlement

This 110 m2 (1200 sq. ft.), 2-bedroom home was built with energy efficiency in mind. The owner constructed the home within the specifications of R-2000, which was difficult because local contractors were unfamiliar with this at the time of construction (1984). The home was very air tight and well insulated. It was built 1.2 m (4′) into the ground,… Read more »

Passive Solar Home with Masonry Heater in French Lake

This passive solar, 232 m2 (2500 sq. ft.) home is located on a scenic, south facing slope. It is located on 2.0 hectares (5 acres) of waterfront property, facing the Saint John River and a lake. The home has lots of natural light, with each room receiving direct natural light at some point in the year. Though it gets too… Read more »

Finnish Masonry Heater in St. Andrews

Built in 2000, this home was constructed with comfort and efficiency in mind. The home is well insulated, has an in-floor heating system (heated by instant hot water) as the primary heating source, and sourced local and recycled wood for the construction. It has cork and finished concrete in the basement as well.