Solar Hot Water at Rodd Moncton Hotel

This large solar hot water collector system is mounted on the Rodd Moncton Hotel roof. Oriented perfectly toward the southern sky, it is an enormous array. However, very little information about the manufacturer and initial installation are available, because it was installed in 1975, when the hotel was built, making it one of the oldest … Read more

Solar Panels in Perth Andover

The owner wanted to reduce his dependency on grid electricity with a grid tied solar system, he also wanted to build his own tracking system so the photovoltaic system would always be facing the sun. Building the solar tracking system took over a year and a half and hundreds of hours of researching, but saved … Read more

EcoPlusHome in Bathurst

Outstanding Energy Efficiency Project: Residential New Construction, EcoPlusHome (Bathurst) Put simply, the EcoPlusHome is the most energy efficient home on record with Efficiency NB’s New Homes Program. The home was built this year in Bathurst through the collaboration and partnership of a number of companies who were brought together by Axel Lerche of marketing firm … Read more

Solar Hot Water in Dieppe

This environmentally friendly 4 Green Key Eco Rated hotel is reducing the carbon footprint of its 104 rooms by providing solar heated hot water. Hotel occupants enjoy the benefits of using renewable energy from the sun whenever they use hot water. Solar energy is absorbed by twelve flat plate solar hot water collectors (SHW), which are bolted onto the roof. The SHW collectors are located on the south-western facing side, which is the sunniest. During the interview, at 3:00 pm in mid-March, on a clear sunny day, the temperature outside was -4.5° C (23 F). It was cold outside, but the collectors were absorbing sunlight, and had already raised the temperature of the heat transfer fluid to 73 ° C (163 F).

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Geothermal, Solar Air, & Hot Water in Midgic

The benefits of installing renewable energy have always made sense to the owners of this home. The family of four has installed three different systems, and see renewable energy technology as a great way to save money. Having a large home, they reduce their electrical bills by harnessing renewable heat from the sun and earth. They would have also installed a wind turbine, except they would have needed two, and the cost was too high, so they decided to wait and see how their friend’s turbine worked. By the time they saw how well it worked, the demand and price for turbines was even higher.

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