Category: Solar Panels

Solar Hot Water in Rothesay

This former cornerstore/butcher shop on Rothesay Road is being renovated, with the top floor being used as living space for two apartments, with 4 tenants in total. As part of their renovations, the owners and construction company decided to install a solar hot water system, so as to be green and to kick it up… Read more »

Passive Solar Home with Geothermal Heat Pump in Kingston Peninsula

The owners wanted to build a home that would have low long-term costs, be comfortable, and modern. They decided to build a passive solar home because it met these criteria. They find the home to be very comfortable, and are happy with their choice. They also chose very energy efficient appliances, and used recycled or… Read more »

9 kW and 500 W photovoltaic system in Mount Carleton

Mount Carleton Provincial Park has relied upon propane and diesel fuel to provide power to its facility, as it is too far from the electricity grid. However, in recent years, the price of these fuels has been steadily rising, leading to increasing costs for the park. As a way to simultaneously reduce long-term energy costs… Read more »

Solar Hot Water in Caraquet

According to Mr. Robichaud, this system is very efficient as it does not take much sunlight to power it since, in addition to sunlight, it also use UV rays to heat the water on the roof.

Solar Hot Water on apartment building in Bois-Blanc

In 1997, seeing the constant rise in electricity costs, this apartment owner decided to install solar panels on his building. If he were to repeat this project, the owner says he would install the same type, but would make use of the system’s full potential to heat both the hot water tanks along with the building’s… Read more »