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1 kW & 400 W Wind Turbines in Little Aldouane

The owner is a retired mechanic with technical skills and interest in alternate energy. He does this as a hobby and does not keep track of costs, which he says are high. He does his own fabrication work and repairs to his systems. Energy generated is used for emergency power to light and heat his… Read more »

Solar Hot Air and Water in Elmwood

This four bedroom, three level home has great southern exposure. The owner has experience in the construction field and has also taken training in performing solar hot water installations. He decided that he could get great value from installing two solar thermal technologies – a very efficient solar hot water system from Enerworks and two… Read more »

180W Photovoltaic on Off-Grid House in Kingston Peninsula

The owner started constructing his off-grid home on a 8.1 hectares (20-acre) woodlot in 1996–97. He strove to have as low an impact as possible for the construction, and did this through a number of ways: all wood was milled on site from local sources, recycled materials were used whenever possible (such as old doors), he… Read more »

2.1 kW Photovoltaic system & 31.6 kW Geothermal in Riverview

Owner feels strongly that electricians need to be more aware of how to install solar panels and other alternative technologies. Solar panels are net metered. When he first moved, geothermal was working full tilt but it wasn’t very efficient because the house wasn’t finished i.e. the insulation was not put in yet. Too early to… Read more »

Off Grid Carbon Neutral Living at Interpretative Centre in Heron Wood

The Laforge Holstein plant is a biomass system set on 400 hectares (1000 acres) of land that uses organic materials such as potato peels, fries, pizza dough and tomato sauce, mixed with manure and chicken grease residue for biodigestion (anaerobic decomposition). The system has 2 mixing tanks that hold the organic material: tank 1 is used as… Read more »