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Solar Hot Water in Dieppe

This environmentally friendly 4 Green Key Eco Rated hotel is reducing the carbon footprint of its 104 rooms by providing solar heated hot water. Hotel occupants enjoy the benefits of using renewable energy from the sun whenever they use hot water. Solar energy is absorbed by twelve flat plate solar hot water collectors (SHW), which… Read more »

Geothermal Heat Pump & Fireplace Insert in Cornhill

The family who enjoys this geothermal heating system decided to use renewable earth energy back in 1986. Their experience since then has proven the reliability and comfort afforded by geothermal heat pumps. When their original pump in required replacement in 2010, there was no question of whether they would install geothermal again or not. The… Read more »

Geothermal Heat Pump in Petitcodiac

A testament to the quality and durability of heat pumps. This 20-year old open-loop geothermal heat pump has provided consistent heat without any major problems during its lifetime. Four employees enjoy the warm in-floor radiant (hydronic) heating throughout the heating season. The 297 m2 (3200 sq. ft.) floors are heated to 22.2 °C (72 °F) for most of the winter… Read more »

Geothermal, Solar Air, & Hot Water in Midgic

The benefits of installing renewable energy have always made sense to the owners of this home. The family of four has installed three different systems, and see renewable energy technology as a great way to save money. Having a large home, they reduce their electrical bills by harnessing renewable heat from the sun and earth…. Read more »

Off-Grid Passive Home in Baie-Verte

Nestled on top of Uniacke Hill near Baie Verte, there is a unique off-grid passive solar home. Located on an old country road, it is surrounded by open fields that allow a rolling wind to cool the home in the summertime. It is a passive solar home because almost all of the windows are located… Read more »