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Ecoparc at the Cultural and Sport Centre in Cormier Village

The Ecoparc includes a 3.6 hectare (9 acre) Acadian forest woodlot along the Kouchibouguac (Kagibougouet) River. In partnership with Vision H2O and with the assistance of a Roland Chiasson, a biologist and naturalist, educational trails have been established. Plans call for a minimum 0.8-hectare (2-acre) sustainable landscaped and demonstration area. Included will be an organic vegetable garden, native… Read more »

Solar Hot Water at Rodd Moncton Hotel

This large solar hot water collector system is mounted on the Rodd Moncton Hotel roof. Oriented perfectly toward the southern sky, it is an enormous array. However, very little information about the manufacturer and initial installation are available, because it was installed in 1975, when the hotel was built, making it one of the oldest… Read more »

Solar Panels in Perth Andover

The owner wanted to reduce his dependency on grid electricity with a grid tied solar system, he also wanted to build his own tracking system so the photovoltaic system would always be facing the sun. Building the solar tracking system took over a year and a half and hundreds of hours of researching, but saved… Read more »

Active Solar at Coastal Inn in Dieppe

The hotel uses compact florescent lightbulbs (CFLs) exclusively, and replaced air conditioners with more efficient heat pumps which help save energy during the shoulder seasons especially. No regular maintenance required, though the owner monitors the collector fluid temperature on very hot summer days. This environmentally friendly 4 Green Key Eco Rated hotel is reducing its… Read more »