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Solar Panel on Roof, Sackville, NB

Solar Panels From June 2013 to December 2013 all of their electrical needs were provided for from the PV panels. December 2013 snow and ice storms effectively covered the panels and drastically reduced the electricity being produced. The owners stressed the importance of keeping the panels free of ice and snow. With the return of… Read more »

Ecoparc at the Cultural and Sport Centre in Cormier Village

The Ecoparc includes a 3.6 hectare (9 acre) Acadian forest woodlot along the Kouchibouguac (Kagibougouet) River. In partnership with Vision H2O and with the assistance of a Roland Chiasson, a biologist and naturalist, educational trails have been established. Plans call for a minimum 0.8-hectare (2-acre) sustainable landscaped and demonstration area. Included will be an organic vegetable garden, native… Read more »

Biomass in Port Elgin

The owner decided to install this type of stove instead of a wood stove because the wood pellets were made from wood industry by-products. However the pellets she purchases now are made from whole trees. In comparison to a wood stove, the pellets appear to be dustier. And the pellets also create more waste because… Read more »

Solar Hot Water at Rodd Moncton Hotel

This large solar hot water collector system is mounted on the Rodd Moncton Hotel roof. Oriented perfectly toward the southern sky, it is an enormous array. However, very little information about the manufacturer and initial installation are available, because it was installed in 1975, when the hotel was built, making it one of the oldest… Read more »

Geothermal at Horizon Health in Rexton

A NB LEED project — going for Gold rating. Geothermal has 6 zones in building. This installation will have very high capital cost due to the LEED standards but will have lower energy cost in the near future.